Are you looking at improving or increasing your sales throughput, but don’t want the expense of taking someone on full-time?

A whole new additional Salesperson will be expensive. Why not use a Freelance Salesperson to free-up you or your existing Sales Team, generate leads and keep the conversation going with your prospects and existing or dormant customers? 

A Freelance Salesperson might be just what you need to demonstrate a longer-term ambition. 

Do you need another salesperson, just not yet? Could you do with a person for just a few hours per week, or fortnight to do some prospecting work for you? It’s often the part that businesses struggle to find the time to do or just hate doing. But it does need to be done.

Pricing from £200 for a half-day (4 hour) session. It starts with a conversation, so contact us to see how we can help you Add Sales. 


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