‘Has anyone lost their ‘Best Man’…?’

You can probably see where this is going already, but just why do the majority of salespeople dress as if they’re off to a wedding?

The answer is simple; ‘style over substance’. Where looking good is more important than looking where you’re going, right?


Over the years I’ve witnessed people turning up to an interview wearing a suit; and why not? First impressions, last. There’s no arguing it.

However, when it comes to going to a meeting with a customer, we’re now 20 years into the 21st Century, ‘suited and booted’ is no longer a default setting and whilst many organisations insist on a dress-code, many more these days seemingly, do not.

I once interviewed a salesperson whose definition of dealing with a ‘customer thrown curve-ball on site’ was to carry a spare suit in the boot of their car. What did they think was going to happen?!

Always dress appropriately for the occasion, and that means not dressing like you’re off to a wedding any more than you’re about to go and cut the grass or spend the afternoon in the garage.

Ask yourself this: are you off to an aggregate site for a meeting in a site office today? Remember your waistcoat, did you?