Hello, my name is Jack; what’s yours?’

One weekday afternoon, my wife and I happened to be at home, we were taking the day off work.

I was upstairs and she was downstairs.

The doorbell rang.

She beat me to it and was presented with Jack (we’ll call him Jack, because that was his name).

On the basis that first-impressions count; Jack was in his late-teens, early-twenties and wearing a beige suit with a large check pattern. He was also equipped with a ‘man bun’.

His opening gambit to my wife; ‘Hello, my name is Jack; what’s yours?’.

My wife retorted with; ‘I’m not telling you that, what are you selling?’.

His response; ‘I’m not trying to sell you anything!’.

The response; ‘Well then go away!’ (door closes).

Door-to-door sales is still a thing that should most definitely be applied in a B2B environment.

Over the years, door-to-door sales has proven to be one of the better forms of prospecting; you just have to approach it right (and also, don’t say it too loudly; but way fewer people are doing this now than they used to!*).

*No, dropping a business card or leaflet on an abandoned desk where a person working Reception once was, doesn’t count as prospecting. If you’re doing this, you’re a human postage stamp!!