‘How on earth did I end up here?’

The question I asked myself as I stepped off the top of a set of ‘aircraft steps’ (a set of steps on wheels for moving round in a warehouse) onto a mezzanine floor.

Despite the large step from the top of the steps onto the mezzanine floor putting me at full stretch (whilst carrying a presenter, tape measure, phone, the last clutches of my dignity etc.), I know that getting up there was going to be much easier than the potentially gravity-assisted return to the ground.

But, Health & Safety aside, I did it anyway. Why? Because my Sales Manager sent me in to see this customer as they needed to be very well looked after; and I was the man for the job. When I got to site, the customer said to me; ‘It’s up there, here’s the steps, off you go. I’ll wait down here…’. So I did, and I did what I needed to do on the mezzanine floor before carefully returning to ground.

When I did return to ground, the customer was stood there with a colleague of theirs, exclaiming; ‘you could have used the staircase at the other end of the mezzanine floor, this is the fork-truck access’. The point of this story; if there is a question in the back of your mind that you think you need an answer to, ask it! Even if you’re not sure your customer will know the answer (or worse, feels that it’s a question that they shouldn’t have to answer!), they might just know someone who does.