‘I must start by telling you, I am not a salesman!’

He was a referral from a good friend of mine.

He was standing in my living room with a captive audience of just my wife and I.

He was selling double glazing.

He made a good first impression on the doorstep.

He seemed appropriately presented giving that he was going into someone’s house to wield his charisma, some double-glazing samples and a tape measure.

He opened with; ‘I must start by telling you, I am not a salesman!’

Yes, you are! First of all, why stigmatize what you do because you might be ‘tarred with the salesman brush’? Secondly, this chap owned the business he was representing.

An age-old adage dictates; ‘if you’re in business, you’re in sales.’

We’re all pre-conditioned to dodge salespeople, we’re practically indoctrinated from birth to do it.

They’re trying to get one over on you, they’re trying to rip you off, they’re trying to earn too much commission.

Yet, at some point we all buy from one. Why? Because they’re solving a problem for us (you just might not necessarily have seen it at the time).

If you work in Sales, fly the flag. If someone, especially a prospect asks you what you do, tell them you work in Sales.

Honesty and integrity goes a long way; especially when you’re being trusted to solve a problem, so why lie about it from the start? Did we buy the double-glazing from our man above? Of course we did. Opening line aside, he was a good salesman.