‘Nobody likes a salesman’

The title of this blog entry could very easily have been: ‘Oh, them. What do they want?’ as the most commonly overheard exclamation I’ve heard any customer reference when one of their colleagues tells them that ‘another’ Salesperson is on the phone (usually whilst I’m stood in front of them, being one!). Instead I went with the line that my first real Sales Manager used to say to me and all of my colleagues quite routinely. Was it a slur on us, or people working in Sales in general? No.

The reason he used to say this was to make a point. Typically, when you’re growing up, you’re taught never to tell lies to adults, teachers, friends etc. However, it’s ok to lie to a Salesperson. Why? Who knows; presumably we all have a hard-wired belief passed down from generations of our own families that the Salesperson is just trying to get one over on us.

These days it isn’t always the case and although Salespeople the world over are encouraged to make themselves as memorable as possible to the customer, this very often ends up for all the wrong reasons. Very often Salespeople continue to slip up, or the credit is placed with the technician/engineer/person delivering the services and desires of the customer that were originally specified and ‘sold’ to them by the Salesperson.

At Add Sales, nobody likes a salesman… we work at making sure you love them!