Not another blagger?!

Having worked in sales for some years, I’ve also had experience of interviewing the potential ‘incoming’ salespeople, too.

When my former Director and I sat down to work out an action plan for the impending round of interviews for a new Sales role, we were at the end of our tether having just released another outgoing salesman from their contract for having not been the person they’d promised throughout their interview process.

I’ve maintained for some years that the best sales job any salesperson is capable of doing, is selling themselves to a prospective employer at an interview.

Why? Because they get to talk about themselves.

However, if you’re reading this and have ever worked in sales, then a tiny amount of experience will lead you to the knowledge that expecting the unexpected and preparing for it is essential.

We therefore devised a system for interviewing salespeople which proved most interesting and would move the candidate away from the usual ‘sit down and talk’ routine that an interview follows. On one round of around 10 interviews across a few weeks, we could have ‘second interviewed’ and potentially offered a job to 50% of them. However, with the system devised we found out via a number of candidates that they often hadn’t done their homework and they frequently didn’t know what they were talking about; this dropped that 50% figure down to 10%.

Consider this; would you offer a job to someone that turned out not to know the first name of both people interviewing him (despite the introductions upon arrival)? Or didn’t know what ‘Ex-Stock’ meant, only to then proceed to give a definition of completely the wrong thing?

No? Me neither. So, we didn’t.