When you were at school, did you or any of your classmates aspire to one day having a career in sales? I thought not. Most simply fall into it, learn some ‘patter’ and maybe read a book on ‘sales technique’ along the way. The gaps in our knowledge usually being filled with experience.

Sales and selling isn’t simply a job for those with ‘the gift of the gab’. It’s a process orientated skill and despite the principles remaining fairly constant, the game changes in line with social and economic climates. 30 years ago, the internet wasn’t a part of daily life, we listened to music on CD (or even cassette) and watched one of four TV channels. Times change, and with it our more discerning choices when it comes to buying. It goes without saying then, that we need to be better at selling.

As the old saying goes; ‘if you’re in business, you’re in sales’. Why is this statement important? Because anyone in a customer-facing role needs to understand sales and selling. Whether you own the business and work alone, or you work in a sales department.

The Add Sales ‘How to do Sales and Selling’ one-day Sales Training course offers a walk-through of what the Sales process is all about. Focusing on SME B2B sales with delivery and participation at its core rather than a number of exercises to fill the time. Best of all, it’s limited to just one day (time is an expensive asset so the time out of the business is also a cost to you).

Because sales and selling isn’t a ‘numbers game’ we offer our ‘How to do Sales and Selling’ course on a 1-to-1 basis, or to small-business sized groups of three to ensure that you get the most out of your training.

It costs less than you might think, too. Pricing starts at just £325 for a 1-to-1 training session.

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